Odile Cream Gown

3.500,00 lei

 13 meters of high-quality Lycra used for the fancy drapage. 

2 shoulder pads in for an authentic 80s vibe

Easy to look fancier than your mother or grandmother in her Disco era or at their wedding.  Ideal for a red carpet look, or a bride. Even if it is inspired by an 80s dress, in this form it brings back memories from the fabulous brides of the 30’s and 40’s

Just something to wear daily or nightly, from winter to summer, from sandals to overtheknee boots. During this pandemic every day is a show-off and a celebration day. I am fed up with sweatpants.You can easily accessorize it with a broche for a more authentic kitschy look.Made-to-order on your personal measurments.

Limited stock for this fabric.Lycra 100% means  Polyester with a lot of  Elasthan. Also knows as spandex, a popular fabric in the 80s era.