Lolita Pink Merino Wool Blouse

450,00 lei


Lolita pink merino wool ruffled blouse

#PINKKNIT capsulle collection
5 cm lenght of ruffles
64 cm lenght of the blouse

60 cm lenght of the sleeve
colour: soft rose pink

Learn how to take care of your product and how to wash the MERINO WOOL

Washing Merino wool is simple and straightforward. Just like other wool, it needs to be carefully looked after, but it can go in the washing machine. Follow this 4 step guide to washing Merino wool to make sure your wool garments are cared for while you wash them

Use a Washing Machine for a gentle wash. Wash your Merino item at 30°C (85°F) in the washing machine. Choose the “delicate” or “hand wash” cycle. The most important thing is that the cycle has a slow speed (around 600 revolutions per minute.)
Use normal detergent without Protease (an enzyme) when washing Merino wool. Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing Merino wool. Wash the item with similar colors only
Make sure that all the zippers are zipped up if you’re washing a Merino jacket or sweater
Air dry your items. Do not stretch or wring them. Do not put your products into the dryer. You don’t need to iron Merino wool clothing, it’s naturally wrinkle-free